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Incredible reach & earnings with SocialHub AMPLIFY! 

All the power of "community reach" now amplified with help of those around us.
How do you want to join the amplify program. No fixed fees or monthly subscriptions, instead we work on a long-term strategy with long-term payouts. 100% risk-free!

Learn more: visit:

Both brands and influencers are able to access their own campaign analytics dashboard with real-time reporting, tracking their performance and earnings. SocialHub's tracking solution is built for marketers to understand exactly how each influencer campaign is impacting their goals, see real-time reporting on conversions, clicks, and track influencer commissions. 

Payouts are all handled and set up by SocialHub without any fixed monthly or yearly fees. SocialHub will set up voucher sales on behalf of the brand on SocialHub's directory and brand website if required, and the brand can sit back while all influencers to their magic!

Both brands and influencers are welcome to register for this is where we manage agreements set up campaigns and keep collaterals and information for all partners and active influencers.

Amplify Influencer Onboarding Channel:

Amplify Partner Onboarding Channel:


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