Amplify For Influencers

A registered and approved SocialHub influencer can register to grab campaign links for specific brands of interest within SocialHub's brand-loyalty & influencer social network. The tracking link can be shared by the influencer anywhere via social networks, blogs, media, websites, emails and anywhere they want.

It's especially valuable for the influencer when they contact a brand they want to work with, introduce SocialHub's free (performance-based) link & tracking solution and its benefits for the brand.  By doing this, the influencer will increase her/his chances to work with the brand, because its risk-free for the brand while the influencer will earn a (agreed in advance) commission fee based on actual performance of sales, conversions, clicks or leads. 

The influencer is able to access their own dashboard with real-time reporting, tracking their performance and earnings. The influencer can then request payout manually and get their funds transferred to them via paypal or wire-transfer.  

If you are a influencer already working with brands, please let us know as we can work something out, so you can earn extra life-time commission from all influencers promoting that brand. 

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