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Amplify Program
Amplify Program

Incredible reach & earnings with SocialHub Hotel & Travel Influencer Agency & AMPLIFY!

We offer a free amplify link & tracking solution without any fixed fees - and no set up fees:

= zero risk!

The SocialHub social influencer network is proud to offer a super smart solution for hotel and travel businesses, the answer is SocialHub's Social Network A one-of-a-kind social loyalty and influencer marketing network that provides travel businesses, hotel brands and SocialHub users, the ability to benefit from each-other in promoting cost-effective and performance-based winning social and marketing campaigns.

SocialHub users are paid by their choice of hotel brands, products and places for sharing content onto their personal network of friends. SocialHub allows travel  businesses to register and be visible for SocialHub users, so the users can choose to promote a business in exchange for performance-based commissions and rewards!

There is nothing better than when influencers and customers can share the brand they like to their personal network, especially when knowing that both the brand and the SocialHub user will benefit!

To amplify means to get incredible reach and earnings with the help from SocialHub's Amplify Program.

For hotel brands and travel businesses:

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Share Ideas and Follow Topics.

When you need to stay laser-focused on the right things, SocialHub is here to support you.

SocialHub.Center Launches a 100% Performance Based Plan for Hotel Influencer Campaigns

In most recent exclusive partnership with the luxury resort, Marrakesh Hua Hin Resort & Spa, SocialHub offers the hotel brand a 100% pay-for-performance model for influencer posts on Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, Media Sites, Blogs, Vlogs and Email Marketers.

“Hotel brands are always looking for better performance. Influence marketing is essentially a media of awareness and engagement. With this offer, we cater to the needs of our major hotel clients who want to control their acquisition costs AND their image using influencer marketing,” says Alex PARRY, founder of SocialHub.Center.

We are currently the only influencer marketing company... (More)

SocialHub | The great solution for bloggers and publishers

This article will explain what the bloggers and publishers stand to gain from SocialHub. If you’re an influencer or youtuber please note that SocialHub will work for you as well.

Bloggers and publishers are an integral part of brands marketing campaigns, and without them, brands would miss out on big marketing opportunities. The bloggers and publishers typically have a good number of readers and followers that businesses can take advantage of and they often have access to the relevant target audience businesses need.

First, let’s mention the Elephant in the room - "Google Ads"

Google Ads is one of the... (More)

Let's Hyde Resort & Villas - Amplify Partner

Let's Hyde Resort & Villas have joined our Amplify Program and offers 10% commission in cash to promoters for each referred customer.

Check out their website here: 
See their offers here:

Want to promote us and earn 10% commission? 
Sign up here:

Or send a email to :-)

Promote us and get paid 10% 
Promote us and get paid 10% 

Free Amplify Link & Tracking Solution For Influencers

A registered and approved SocialHub influencer can register to grab campaign links for specific brands of interest within SocialHub's brand-loyalty & influencer social network. The tracking link can be shared by the influencer anywhere via social networks, blogs, media, websites, emails and anywhere they want.

It's especially valuable for the influencer when they contact a brand they want to work with, introduce SocialHub's free (performance-based) link & tracking solution and its benefits for the brand. By doing this, the influencer will increase her/his chances to work with the brand, because its risk-free for the brand while the influencer will earn... (More)