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When you need to stay laser-focused on the right things, SocialHub & Helping Hotels is here to support you.

Free Amplify Link & Tracking Solution For Brands.

A free (performance-based) link & tracking solution for brands - You as the brand representative can set what variable fees you wish to pay your influencers of provide a tracking link to each influencer automatically on registration and approval. The tracking link can be shared by the influencer anywhere via social networks, blogs, media, websites, emails and anywhere they want.

SocialHub's influencer analytics is built for marketers to understand exactly how each influencer is impacting their campaign goals, see real-time reporting on conversions, clicks, and track influencer commissions. And payouts - all handled and set up by SocialHub without and... (More)

Why Is social media engagement important, and how to do it well?

If you are a social media influencer or an aspiring influencer, you might have heard about engagement. You must have maximum social media engagement to reach a larger audience. Nowadays, it is more about the social media engagement that makes you a successful influencer than the number of followers you have on it. There are influencers with a large number of followers but have low engagement, and then there are those with less number of followers but relatively more engagement on the content. Between these two, the latter is more influential to its audience. So, let’s talk about why social... (More)

Loyalty Points Program Software called LoyalHub.Center

We're happy to be able to offer an easy to use Loyalty Points Program Software called https://LoyalHub.Center : It's so easy to use that any business can use it, with a free trial and very a low monthly cost, so price is not an issue...but awesomeness is promised.

Just get started, and set up your loyalty program in minutes, and your staff can learn it in a few minutes. (plus we help set up if you want).

1. Create Business
2. Create Rewards
3. Create Campaign ....and boom! Now you have a loyalty points program just the same as the... (More)

SocialHub.Center: Introducing SocialHub.Shop, Find or Sell Online Deals Powered by Influencers

SocialHub.Center is introducing their new feature, an online shop called SocialHub.Shop, now you can join the social network and get started to find or sell deals as a brand or influencer, and customers can simply enjoy an array of offers on sale.

While social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook can definitely help businesses promote their products and earn revenue, it's not necessarily the best course of action. That’s because influencer marketing is slowly gaining ground. By hiring an influencer, not only are you ensuring that your product will find the right audience, but you are also saving... (More)