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White-label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software
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SocialHub | The great solution for bloggers and publishers

This article will explain what the bloggers and publishers stand to gain from SocialHub. If you’re an influencer or youtuber please note that SocialHub will work for you as well.

Bloggers and publishers are an integral part of brands marketing campaigns, and without them, brands would miss out on big marketing opportunities. The bloggers and publishers typically have a good number of readers and followers that businesses can take advantage of and they often have access to the relevant target audience businesses need.

First, let’s mention the Elephant in the room - "Google Ads"

Google Ads is one of the... (More)

Free Amplify Link & Tracking Solution For Brands.

A free (performance-based) link & tracking solution for brands - You as the brand representative can set what variable fees you wish to pay your influencers of provide a tracking link to each influencer automatically on registration and approval. The tracking link can be shared by the influencer anywhere via social networks, blogs, media, websites, emails and anywhere they want.

SocialHub's influencer analytics is built for marketers to understand exactly how each influencer is impacting their campaign goals, see real-time reporting on conversions, clicks, and track influencer commissions. And payouts - all handled and set up by SocialHub without and... (More)