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Influencer Marketing
Influencer Marketing
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Share Ideas and Follow Topics.

When you need to stay laser-focused on the right things, SocialHub & Helping Hotels is here to support you.

Any Hotel, Vacation Rental or Travel Affiliate can get their own branded tours & activities portal for any destination - 100% FREE.

Its so easy:

1. Just create your account.
2. Select and add activities from our catalogue, (you can also add your own activities).
3. Your new tours & activities portal is live!

Earn money when guests book, add the portal to your hotel website and/or have QR codes in the rooms so when guests book you earn money. Awesome for collaborating with influencers as well...ask us how.

Learn more:

Why hotel and travel brands should consider performance-based influencer marketing?

It is widely known that the spending on influencer marketing have skyrocketed in the recent years and will continue to increase the next few years, Business Insider writes that the sector will reach $15 billion annually by 2022. This means that influencer marketing cannot be ignored and pushed aside as something only big hotel brands and luxury hotels use to create awareness via popular influencers and bloggers.

Let’s be clear, Influencer marketing for hotels will continue to be a great way to build awareness for brands with big marketing budgets. But all hotel brands, as well as independent hotels (small... (More)

From rising travel bloggers to influential instagram and Tik Tok influencers, we scale hotels in and out of the city of angels

Being located in sunny, exciting and vibrant Bangkok — a region that remains the leading city for entertainment and hotels — hotel ideas and concepts spread at record speed. We’re able to accelerate the already quick word-of-mouth buzz, social sharing, and viral hospitality brand, rooms, or service by utilizing the charisma of influencers in order to “show not tell” through an engaging and personal viewing experience.

SocialHub Agency works with team of influencer marketing managers, market researchers, and creative directors who are all hard at work in order to guarantee the success of your upcoming influencer campaign — in Thailand... (More)

Agency.SocialHub.Center is a hotel influencer agency with an influencer / affiliation / referral network

Agency.SocialHub.Center is a hotel influencer agency with an influencer / affiliation / referral network

As a hotel and property manager your goal is to increase your revenue. This can partly be achieved by using our free booking engine and generating direct bookings via your website and social media channels - instead of practically giving away all bookings and paying high commission to Online Travel Agents, which many hotels do!

SocialHub's Influencer Agency is at the same time a hybrid solution; it essentially functions as a affiliate booking technology, with a free-standing booking page for each hotel, while at the same... (More)